StereoPhotoViewer Applet Help (Window Type)

how to use
Author's WEB Page --- Push [G] key
Close Window --- Push [Esc] key or Press close button
Window Size --- Mouse drag of window corner or Push [Enter] key to maxmize Window
Previous Image --- Press Back space Key or Push [<] Button.
Select Image --- Choose from image list.
Next Image --- Press Space Key or Push [>] Button.
Select Stereo viewing method --- Choose from list. or as follows
|-- Side-by-Side - [F9](toggled Cross-eyed <-> Parallel-eyed)
|-- Above/Below - [Shift+F9]
|-- Red/Cyan - [F6]
|-- Red/Blue - [Shift+F6]
|-- Red/Green - [Shift+F5]
|-- Color Anaglyph - [F7]
|-- Half color - [Shift+F7]
|-- Interlaced - [F4]
|-- Vertical Int. - [Shift+F4]
|-- Single Image - [F5]
|-- Page-flip - [F8](Quad-buffered stereo OpenGL,Java1.4.0 or later,Java3D)
Swap Left/Right Image --- Press X Key or Push [Swap L/R] Button.
Fast mode --- Press R Key or Push [Fast] Button.
Spacing Left/Right Image --- Press E Key or Push [SPC] Button.
Zoom In/Out --- Press PageUp/Down Key or F2/F3 Key, Slide Scroll bar or Mouse Wheel(Java1.4.0 or later)
Scroll Image --- Mouse Drag
100% Size --- Push [100%] Button. or [J] key
Fit to Window Size --- Push [Fit] Button or [F] key
Alignment --- Press Arrow Key, Push [L/R/U/D] Button or Arrow key
Reset Aligment --- Push [Reset] Button or [Home] key
Slide Show --- Push [SS] Button or [A] key
Slide Show Interval(Sec.) --- Push [<][>] Button.
Menu ON/OFF ---Push [M] key
Save Image --- Push [S] key
Help --- [F1]key or [H] key

Please Install latest JAVA2 runtime for the best performance.